The Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, wish all of us a happy new year! Team PowerJob intends to conduct the recent work in the following aspects.

Hello, everyone! This is Salieri, author of PowerJob. Today I would like to share with the story of PowerJob. I will be explaining where the idea of creating a new job-scheduling framework gets started and how it grows.


The story started one and a half year ago, when I went to Alibaba Inc for the summer internship. Luckily, the first formal task I was assigned was something related to job scheduling. At that time, a new job-scheduling middleware called SchedulerX 2.0, was developed and put into production. Business tasks that formerly relied on DTS, were required to transfer to…

Hello! This is team PowerJob from China. We have just released PowerJob v3.4.4. During the past week, we have made several changes, which are revealed as follows:

PowerJob is an open-source distributed computing and job scheduling framework which allows developers…

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PowerJob is a distributed computing and job scheduling framework. Based on Akka framework, it makes scheduling easier for Java applications. Starting with the first line of code in 2020–03–16, PowerJob embraces its first release in 2020–04–16. Up till now, 2021–01–16, PowerJob has 26 iterated versions and gained more than 2400 stars in Github. Released under Apache license 2.0, please feel free to try, deploy and put into production.

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